Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So school is coming to a close and that means I'll be coming home very soon. But like any awesome professional bodybuilding slash mediocre actor slash horrible govenor could tell you,

And I mean I'll return to Spain, or at least to Europe. I'm definitely thinking about studying abroad in college. Why?

College in Europe is super cheap.

How cheap? The most expensive colleges get close to €1000. I know, hold onto your seats folks.

Which is super unfair. I'm used to the idea of these dreams schools that cost upwards of $40.000 a year for just the tuition. In Europe, this is unthinkable. Which is nice, because that means everyone can go to school. Money is never an issue.

So I ask myself why it can be so damn expensive in the States. Why does it feel like our universitities are more intuitions of lucrative education than just, education? A degree isn't a privilege for the upper-class, especially, (sorry in advance for saying this..) in these hard economic times.

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