Friday, June 4, 2010

La Cucaracha

So last night's graduation party was awesome. After the ceremony, I went home, ate dinner, swam in the ocean a bit, slept for two hours, then redressed and went out to the party. And yes, I went to school today. ¡INTRAX SUPERSTAR!

Of course, five of my teachers were there. And one of them was kinda tipsy! But it's all cool, today is Friday and we can all catch up on sleep during la siesta.

Now, it's very hot weather here. And very common visitors during the summer, are cockroaches.

But they won't come into your room if you have a light on. But if you have a light on, the mosquitos come through your window. And if you close the window you'll die of heat exaughstion.
I try to make myself feel better about this Catch 42 by singing my parody of 'La Cucaracha' when I eat soup: La cuchara.
Naturally, I'm the only one who laughs.

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