Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So last Saturday, Carnaval started.

Technically, it starts on January 10th when the competition in Gran Teatro de Falla (here in Cádiz!) starts. Which is conviently when Christmas vacation ends. Very clever, you lazy Spainards...

Anyways, the competition ended last Friday, and I stayed up 8 hours watching it. Is it just luck that I fell alseep right before they announced the winners?

It has four types of groups, coros (lots of people, guitars, percussion, basses, trying to sound pretty) Cuartetos (fiveish people putting on a short funny musical with no instruments) Comparsas (15ish people with guitars and percussion, sounding pretty and singing critiques of society) and, my favorite, Chirigotas, (15ish people, guitars and percussion, being absolutely hillarious.)

They all wear funny costumes and it's just awesome.

So the following Saturday night, half a million people from all over the world, came and partied in the streets. In costume. I went as Patrick Star. GET IT? HAR HAR HAR!

And no I did not wear a shirt and yes I did paint my body pink.

I went home pretty early, at like 5am (which is early here)

The Sunday is the day for the kids, so there was a parade and all the niños were dressed up beating drums and running around eating candy.

Except the parade could've past for a Gay Pride parade in the states: Spanish men have no shame in dressing up as a woman, especcially during Carnaval. And they all shave their legs. Sissies.

On Monday we didn't have school so my friends and I went out in the afternoon listening to Chirigotas in the streets. One of them made fun of SuperNanny. Yeah, take the Brit down a peg!

And then when we returned to school on Tuesday, it was pretty much a waste of time.

-Students! Pay attention!

-But it's Carnavaaaal =(((

-Oh all right. We can learn next week.

My peers have been singing and dancing in class with more frecuency lately. Also, there's Carnaval music outside my window until way after midnight everyday. Haven't slept much recently...But whateva, it's Carnaval!

Monday, February 8, 2010


So coming from a small wealthy town, I only encounter homelessness when I visit New London, not in my own town.

The other day, SEVEN homeless people were sleeping outside my front door.

As if that weren't bad enough, lat night I saw a homeless person sleeping outside; but he was only about 14 years old.

Sometimes I give them my lunch, but I know it doesn't really change anything. No food will turn their lives around.

Andalucía is the poorer part of Spain, so I have to get used to seeing such dolor on a daily basis. I hate admitting when I can't do something, but the truth is, what can I do to help these people?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So my birthday here was pretty sweet. SPANISH STYLE, CHECK IT!

So no cake. Tears. Cake is served at birthday parties, but not normally for adults or teens. More tears.

I was having my party at the beach/park/pub sense everyone kept moving around and only 12 of the promised 40 came. Bummerrr.

But I finally got another debit card, which means I CAN GO BACK TO MY HELADARÍA AND ENGORGE MYSELF. Tears (of happiness)


The other week I learned that Macarena (the line and a two and a three Macareina) is a NAME. Of this chick that a guy is talking about. In Spanish it's super sexual, talking about giving your body to her. Then it segues into the background story of her boyfriend. Spainards are weeeird.